BJP sells Ram but fails on Mandir agenda: Mamata

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BJP sells Ram but fails on Mandir agenda: Mamata

Friday, 29 March 2019 | Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

In an apparent bid to hit the BJP where it hurts the most Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday questioned the saffron outfit’s failure to keep its promises particularly the one on Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Mounting a blistering attack on the BJP for dividing India in the name of religion and in the name of Lord Ram but failing to proceed a single step towards constructing the Ram Temple in Ayodhya the Bengal Chief Minister on Wednesday said “when the election comes you (BJP) go about selling Ram’s name for votes. But after the elections you forget your promises.”

Comparing her achievements in restoring places of worships to their lost glories Banerjee said “Despite making tall promises before the elections you (BJP) have failed to construct a Ram Temple in five years but here. I have renovated a whole lot of places of worship — providing added facilities in — Dakshineshwar, Belur Math, Tara Peeth Furfura Sharief.”

Taking an apparent dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Chief Minister said “the condition of Ganga in Varanasi — from where Modi was elected — remains the same as it was five years ago but go to Ganga Sagar and you will see how we have made it a living paradise.” The Chief Minister was attending a Holi Milan gathering attended by people of all communities. Citing how the people of Bihar, UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other places feel “more than at home in Bengal,” she said the situation in those places were not the same.

“You will not find lynching in Bengal like it happens in other places,” she said attacking the BJP leaders for accusing of stopping Durga Puja celebrations in her State. “Can these people say anything about the real symbolism behind Durga or Kali or do they remember the mantras (of the Mother Goddess)? I am sure they don’t. But I do though I do not sell about my religion.”

Banerjee who once again assured the nation that GST will be reviewed and demonetisation will be investigated said how the BJP was driving a wedge in the Indian society by setting one community against the other and how they are dividing India to rule the country.

“We will not divide the country but we will review GST, probe demonetisation” and double MNREGA days to ensure increased employment, Banerjee said.

The Chief Minister who had earlier disapproved of the Prime Minister’s announcement of India’s path-breaking progress in the anti-satellite warfare instead of the DRDO chief said, “the BJP is adopting all kinds of mean ways to gain votes.”

She had earlier attacked Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who accused her of demeaning India’s Defence programmes. “Jaitley ji is an educated man, a good looking man but how can he say like that? He said that I am criticising India’s nuclear and other programmes. Why should I do so? I only objected to the announcement made by the Prime Minister. This should have been done by the DRDO chief,” she said.

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