Optical fibre company repairs undersea net cable facility to SL

| | Tuticorin/New Delhi
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Optical fibre company repairs undersea net cable facility to SL

Monday, 09 September 2019 | Deepak Kumar Jha | Tuticorin/New Delhi

In significant technological enhancement, a Delhi-based optical fibre cable company has successfully repaired the undersea internet cable facility to Sri Lanka which routed from India via Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. The same cable to India has reached undersea carrying all the internet data and facility from Singapore.

The Paramount Communication Limited (PCL) became the first Indian company to work on the repairs of 330 kilometre Bharat Lanka Undersea Cable System (BLCS) connecting India- Sri Lanka since year 2006. The cable was damaged and met with fault near Tuticorin shores in February 2018.

Ideally for repairing submarine cables, dependencies and expertise lies only in Europe, UK and US as the repair of the undersea cable is a specialised operations that requires qualified jointers and testers.

“The cable fault was located at 5.8 km from Tuticorin beach manhole (BMH). The link is owned by a cable consortium comprising of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) and Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited (BSNL). The link is very strategic in nature to carry Indian traffic to Sri Lanka and is an important link for India. We got the opportunity to repair the damages and we are glad to do it successfully within the territorial waters of Bay of Bengal,” said President (Strategy) of PCL Dhruv Aggarwal.

Aggarwal said the company repaired on the basis of their excellent Marine and Technical team. Apart from cable repair, the company also strengthened the BLCS cable system with protection mechanism by making a rock trench for five km and then cementing it.

It is seen for the first time in the submarine industry where such protection mechanism in 0 to 20 metre water depth on submarine cable has been deployed. Normally the area of 0 to 20 mtr water depth in shore is always been considered as a risky area as far as the cable damages due to external aggressions are concerned.

“With this we are proud to go across the globe as Make in India initiative of the government,” Aggarwal told The Pioneer.

Besides taking on the cable job, the company is also involved in imparting scuba skills to the local fishermen who when required for undersea patrolling earns in dollars. PCL has partnered with Mumbai based Dive Safe for under marine works led by a team of international divers Anil Chaudhary who along with his Norwegian scuba expert monitors the BLCS project and in between train the youngsters for marine related jobs. Chaudhary said he was in London for a decade and now returned to India to share his skills here.

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