Shah requested to inaugurate city Durga Puja, TMC blames BJP of politicising festival

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Shah requested to inaugurate city Durga Puja, TMC blames BJP of politicising festival

Saturday, 14 September 2019 | PTI | Kolkata

Amidst accusations by the ruling Trinamool Congress that BJP is politicising Durga Puja, Bengal's biggest festival which is less than a month away, a city Puja committee has requested Union Home Minister Amit Shah to inaugurate their puja this year.

Senior BJP leader, Mukul Roy said on Thursday that the decision to invite Shah had been taken by the puja organisers themselves and the party had no role to play in it.

The letter to Shah was sent on September 11.

Charging the state unit of the saffron party with "politicising" Durga Puja festival, senior Trinamool Congress leader, minister and patron of the well known Ekdalia Evergreen Durga Puja committee, Subrata Mukherjee said "BJP is setting a bad trend."

A spokesman of the pujo committee of Friends Club of Triangular Park in south Kolkata said on Friday, "We are not associated with any political party, we don't have any political colour.

"We are inviting Shri Amit Shahji as the union home minister. His presence will make the people of the locality proud, the spokesman said.

Roy denied that BJP is trying to meddle with the Durga Puja celebrations in the state.

He showed newsmen a copy of the letter to Shah's office by the puja organisers and said "We (BJP) don't believe in doing politics with Bengal's biggest festival with which the emotion and sentiment of the people are involved."

"We (state BJP) had merely forwarded the letter to Shah's office as requested by the club authorities," he said.

Mukherjee said, "Now a party has suddenly come up which is not even hesitating to spoil the mood of Durga Puja celebrations by bringing in persons who had never been part of our Durga Puja". Sanghasree, an old and well known community Durga Puja had to drop its plans to invite Shah for the inauguration after protests by Trinamool sympathisers in it about a month ago.    

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