Two Hindu ideas of RSS carved in stone: Bhagwat

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Two Hindu ideas of RSS carved in stone: Bhagwat

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 | Deepak K Upreti | New Delhi

Stating that everything can change in ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’, except the ideas of ‘Hindu Rashtravad’ and ‘Hindu Rashtra’,  sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday  sought to say that none can define the Sangh including  the ‘Bunch of Thoughts’  authored by the second chief Guru Golwalkar who guided the organisation for 33-long-years.

Speaking here at the release of a book ‘The RSS -Road Maps for the 21st Century’ by RSS outfit ABVP’s organising secretary Sunil  Ambekar,  Bhagwat said in the RSS every ‘Karyakarta’ is free to think the way he likes but decisions are made in the organisation on the basis of consensus and collectively after gathering thoughts of all including “his own”.

He said everything is subject to change barring the core concepts. “We cannot fortify ourselves with some ideas and continue with them," Bhagwat said adding but "other things change , transform and develop.. one has to change".  He said the founding father of the RSS Keshav Baliram Hedgewar did not speak about environment after RSS was founded in 1925 but "today we are talking about environment and water".

Bhagwat said, "Everything can change in the RSS except the idea of  Hindu Rashtravad and  Hindu Rashtra". He said everyone born in this land is a Hindu though many say it is not so. "But we accept them as our own and understand diversity ," he outlined.

In another important observation, the RSS head  said, "There is nothing like RSS ideologue, there is no need for it .There are many ideologues around the world and adopting and implementing even one per cent of is enough."

On the book and its title, he said even with the modern GPS one can see a road upto a distance only and not beyond and thus "none can dare say he understands the RSS" and quoted Golwalkar saying that he has understood RSS "little bit".

"RSS is not bound by any book including 'Bunch of thoughts," he said but hastened to add that RSS could be comprehended by the "life of  Hedgewar'.  Bhagwat, however, said that  the book by Ambekar would reflect  the organisation.

The book  deals with many controversial issues including homosexuality and practices of casteism.

Speaking at the function former, Chief Justice of India and ex-Chief of National Human Rights Commission K G Balakrishnan said the 5th chapter of  the book details evil caste practices and seeks to throw out the  caste structure lock, stock and barrel.  He said the book is a "good guide" on the RSS.

The author of the book, Ambekar,  said that in the course of writing  the book he met people from many sections including students and his book is an attempt at bridging the gap between the RSS'ideas and those prevailing around.  Explaining the RSS he said, "We look at the RSS as a common man looks at his mother with his common wisdom".

The book release function in the 'B R Ambekdar Bhawan' was also attended by FICCI Chairman Sandeep Somany and managing president of Rupa Publication, Kapish Mehra.

A two-minute video on the book ' Vyakti nirman -unity of Sangh' was also shown before the formal release of the book by Bhagwat.

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