Voters will punish Cong for coining Hindu terror: Modi

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Voters will punish Cong for coining Hindu terror: Modi

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 | TN RAGHUNATHA | Mumbai

Tearing into the Opposition “Mahagathbandhan” in Maharashtra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the people in the country had made up their mind to “punish” the Congress for coining the term “Hindu terror” and ‘insulting’ the majority community in the eyes of the world and ridiculed NCP chief Sharad Pawar for  his decision not to contest the Lok Sabha polls.

Kicking off the BJP’s Lok Sabha poll campaign at Wardha in eastern Maharashtra, Modi came down heavily on Pawar and Rahul Gandhi and said the Congress and its ally NCP would not be pardoned by the people by the latter’s act of linking terrorism to Hindu community.

In perhaps the most vicious attack launched against the Congress, Modi said: “For the sake of vote bank politics, the Congress and NCP can go to any lengths. It was the Congress that coined the term “Hindu terror” and created a slur on the crores of people in the country. Tell me were you not deeply hurt when you the heard the term “Hindu terror”? There is not even an incident in the country’s thousands of  years of history. Even British historians have mentioned that Hindus ever indulged in terror acts. Who has defamed the 5,000 years of country’s culture. Can the Congress that coined the term “Hindu terror” be pardoned? Can the Congress-NCP alliance be pardoned?”

Accusing the Congress of having committed the sin of insulting the Hindus and defaming the country’s mainstream, Modi said: “The Congress has tried to show the Hindus in a poor light internationally. Let them run them as much as they can,  but the Congress will never be pardoned — a thing even Congress is realising that the Country has made up its mind to punish it”.

Slamming Rahul Gandhi for his decision to contest the second from  Kerala's Wayanad, Modi said: “The realisation of impending defeat has forced the leaders to flee the poll scene. Having linked terrorism to Hindi, they do not have the guts now to contest the elections where majority (Hindus) lives and they have chosen to contest from places where minority is majority”.

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