Holi Grail

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Holi Grail

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 | Pioneer Health

Holi Grail

Skin and eye care experts share tips that can be followed this Holi

While it’s a pleasure playing with colours on Holi, it’s always quite a difficult task to get rid of the same after the festive party. Here are few of the tips which you can consider for post-holi cleansing of your skin, hair and nails:

First, you can opt for cleaning up after Holi is to shampoo generously, and wash off the colours from the hair. It is also advised to oil the hair again after the shampoo in an order to lock the moisture in the hair. Second, you should clean your skin after Holi celebration with a facewash which is gentle, and not harsh on the skin.

Third, you can put some aloevera gel on the areas affected by the colors or sun burn caused due to the long exposure in sunlight. It can also be helpful to reduce the itching on the skin, caused due to the mixing of glass into the Holi colours.

Fourth, you can clean up after playing holi. Gently massage on your face and body with sesame seed oil as it helps in protecting the skin along with helping in removing the residues of the colours.

The final measure which you can take to clean up after playing holi is to apply a hair mask or hair pack. It can be well prepared by using the domestic remedies like making a mixture of henna powder, lemon juice and curd. Apply it on the hair and wash after an hour, it will make your hair free from harmful chemicals of the Holi colours and will ensure that your scalp is completely clean, while locking back the nourishment in the hair.

Ensure that if you find any serious issue popping up, then you need to consult a rightly qualified dermatologist for the same.

Look before you play

Holi — the festival of colours is finally here, bringing a lot of fun and joy with itself. It’s a great amuse to drench into the hues of colours but at the same time it can be hazardous to our skin, nails as well as hair, as it can result into acne, rashes and many other skin diseases. It’s quite an important thing to make yourself prepared well in advance for the same, you can do so by keeping the points in mind.

First, apply ice cubes and massage with the same for around ten minutes as it will close the open skin pores thereby, preventing the acne to appear on the skin. Second, you can put almond oil on your whole body as it acts as a wall between the skin and the color, preventing the colour sticking onto the body. It’s also enriched with Vitamin E, providing nourishment to the body. The third thing which you can do to prepare yourself before indulging into the colours is to put sunscreen on the whole body to shield your skin from the exposure to the perilous UV Rays, which can also lead to tanning. The fourth thing which you can do for a safe Holi is to put petroleum jelly around the fingertips, nails, in between the fingers, at the backside of ears, and on the lips as well. The final measure which you can take for a hassle free Holi is to shampoo as well as condition your hair well before playing Holi too, because if the pre-dirt of the hair mixes with the colours, it can damage your hair at a great extent resulting into rough and dry hair, which can further lead to a huge amount of hair-fall.

Skin care

Playing Holi is fun, but it’s hectic to get back your skin in the very same condition as Holi colours grasp the nourishment of the skin and thereby, turn it dry. Here are some of the tips which you can adapt for a healthy skin, post Holi celebration. One should also consult a qualified dermatologist for taking extra special care. Follow the following steps and get rid of all your jitters.

First, have a bath in lukewarm or normal water to remove the dry colours from the skin. Do not use soaps as it is alkaline in nature and can be harsh on the skin, and can cause further dryness. For face, choosing cleansing cream over facewash is a better option as it will sooth the skin and won’t be causing any itching or irritation. Gently massage the cleansing lotion all over the skin and remove it with a moist cotton.

Second, after washing the facepack, you can apply moisturiser all over the body.

Third, coconut oil can be used as a skin cleanser and to lock the moisture in the skin.

Fourth, to remove the colours from the fingertips, or around the nails you can mix the rose water into the warm water and dip your hands and feet in the same.

Fifth, you can do to take care of your skin is not to use any body or face scrub, exfoliators, after at least 48 hours of playing holi.

Finally, you can adapt to take care of your skin is to avoid going out in much exposure to the sun.


Holi colours can lead to skin rashes or skin infection which can result into severe burning and itching that can be very much harmful to skin. What you can do as a measure of precaution is to keep a first-aid box, or medicine pouch handy with yourself so that if any emergency strikes, it can be helpful. In that you can keep some antiseptic powder, solution, cream, and lotion, bandage, anti-burning cream, band aid, anti-allergic tablets, body oil, moisturiser, petroleum jelly, face and hand cream, sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn. These solutions can act as a saviour for your skin from any kind of hazardous skin diseases or rashes that can be caused due to the Holi colours.


Many skin treatments should be avoided during the festive season of Holi as it can affect adversely to our skin as there is colour mixed in the air and everywhere throughout the atmosphere. It can cause severe skin diseases like skin peeling, rashes, itching, or irritation and others. Skin treatments which involve exfoliation in any of the forms like scrub, peel, or dermabrasion should be avoided before or just after Holi, instead you should go for mild hydrating and oxygen infusion rejuvenation treatments to prep your skin and make it healthy from within. You can use home based remedies like aloevera as it moisturises the skin, reduces inflammation, and thereby, turning the skin cool, it also helps in reducing the peeling of the skin. It soothes the irritated skin and helps in reducing sunburn, and areas which feel hot and painful.

However, the best way to take precaution of skin care during Holi is to consult a qualified dermatologist for the same.

The writer is Dr Rohit Batra, Dermetologist, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital & Dr Neha Mittal, Cosmetic Physician, Dermaworld Skin & Hair care

Be Aware of Eye Infections

Our eyes are among those body parts, which are extremely susceptible during Holi. Uses of synthetic colours that are composed of chemicals possess a great threat to one’s eyes. The artificial green colour used on Holi comes from copper sulphate, which can cause several eye infections and allergy.

Eye infections are caused by bacteria, chemicals or other microbiological agents. There are different types of eye infections with different causes and treatments. Most common eye infections are conjunctivitis/pink eye, keratitis, endophthalmitis, blepharitis, sty, uveitis, cellulitis and ocular herpes.

  • Eye Allergy: Eye allergy post-Holi is fairly common. Symptoms of eye allergy include redness of the eye, itching, tearing, burning, stinging and watery discharge. Eyelids become inflamed and, sometimes, you may experience blurred vision. The longer the synthetic colour is in the eye, the more damage it will cause.

You can save yourself from eye allergy post Holi by washing your eye immediately with plain water and continue washing for at least ten minutes. The particles of the chemical will wash away and you will feel relaxed. There are a number of eye drops that can help you relieve eye allergy.

  • Tests to diagnose eye infection: Tests for diagnosis of eye infections like viral retinitis, endophthalmitis, and Fuch’s uveitis. Molecular panels for diagnosing these conditions are based on advanced molecular methods and provide greater than 90 per cent sensitivity with the assurance of 100 per cent specificity, leading to faster and effective treatment.

The writer is Dr Aparna Kotekar HOD,Molecular Department, iGenetic Diagnostics

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