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It’s Hot & happening

Sunday, 18 August 2019 | MUSBA HASHMI

It’s Hot & happening

Reality shows have been trending for years now. While some like to come up with seasons, others believe in coming up with something unique. Zee TV’s latest show Dilli Darlings is a case in point. MUSBA HASHMI tells you more

From clubs, pubs, cafes to the extravagant shopping places, Delhi never disappoints anyone. It has something for everyone. Apart from the night life, the Capital is also famous for the high-profile people that call the city their home. Their lives has always been of interest to the public. After all who doesn’t want to have a sneak peek into the lives of the people with deep pockets. They are the ones who make news on Page 3. Their lifestyle is nothing short of a dream for the common man.

To take you through the daily lives of these people and to show what it takes to be a millionaire, Zee TV has come up with a unique concept — Dilli Darlings — a reality show featuring 10 socialites of Delhi. The reality show is different from what we have seen on TV so far. It is not following the footsteps of the usual reality shows, it has much more to it — lots of glamour. Not to mention what happens when all the glamorous ladies come together under a single roof for kitty parties — whole lot of drama and ego tussles.

First in the list of the high-profile women of Dilwalon ki Dilli is Manya Pathak. Pathak is the co-owner of Ministry of Beer along with her husband Prateek Chaturvedi. “I am an engineer and an MBA. I believe in living life king size. Apart from being the co-owner of Ministry of Beer, I also work as a consultant for embassies, trade promotions and events. I believe in making the most of life. Beer is my first love,” she says and adds that she is lucky to have found such a co-operative and loving husband who has been with her through thick and thin.

Second, there is Guneet Virdi, an award-winning celebrity make-up artist. And obviously one can easily make it out from her personality. She has a style of her own and believes in making fashion statements. Virdi has over two lakh followers on social media.

“People set their wedding dates according to my availability. I am very choosy in terms of people I hang out with. I can’t mix with everybody.  Fashion is my escape from all the tensions,” she tells you.

No 3 is Shaloo Jindal — the wealthiest of all the Dilli Darlings. Jindal follows a simple mantra of dressing according to the need of the hour. “I dress up in a very sanskaari manner at my home. But, as soon as I step out for parties, I am nothing less than a diva. I love to experiment with  my looks. I love to take care of my family,” Jindal tells you.

No 4 darling is Pragati Nagpal. Nagpal is a fashion designer and has her own home-grown brand — Mastaani. “I am a very creative person. I love to give my imagination a shape. I love parties but don’t believe in being a part of a party thrown by others. I throw my own kitty parties and only selective few are a part of it. People die to be a part of these dos,” she tells you.

Then there is Sona Sharma, a proud grandmother of two and a cancer survivor. For Sharma, age doesn’t define anyone’s personality and she doesn’t like to hide her age. A fighter in real life, Sharma is never afraid to be herself.

“Age is no boundary for anyone. Life is all about struggles, you have to fight, rise and shine. It’s no bed full of roses. You have to learn to flaunt your flaws. There is nothing to feel ashamed about yourself. Do good and good will come to you,” she says and tells you that she is very much a family woman but that doesn’t mean she has to stay within the four walls of her home.

These are just five out of the 10 darlings. But, for sure all the others are as gorgeous and as bold and fierce as these. To find out more about them and get that extra dose of entertainment, tune in to Zee TV, Monday to Friday at 11 pm.

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