Love is in the air

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Love is in the air

Sunday, 14 July 2019 | MUSKAN BAKSHI

Love is in the air

One man and two begums sets the tone of a new show on Colors that comes with complexities. MUSKAN BAKSHI tells you more

Love stories have a tried and tested formula. Boy meets girl, they fall in  love, there is opposition and there is a love triangle. But all ends well. But seldom do we get to see a love story unfold that involves the royals and their take on the idea of love. Colors TV’s latest show Bahu Begum is all set to go on air tomorrow (July 15) at 9:30 pm is a love story that may not be a unique one, but it gives us a sneak peak into the nawabi culture and their traditions.

The show revolves around three lives — Azaan Akhtar Mirza, Noor and Shayra.  It is the complexities of relationships that involves them that sets this show apart. What if one has to choose between their best friend and the love of their life? All the hardships and the mental trauma that one has to go through in such a situation is shown in the series.

Arjit Taneja, who essays the role of Azaan says that he was blown away by the storyline and the concept of the show. “Love stories have always been an interesting genre to experiment with. We have seen a lot of shows made on a similar concept but what sets apart this show is the nawabi twist. It is a judicious mix of every emotion. I believe the audience will be able to relate to it,” Taneja tells you.

With nawabi family comes tehzeeb and  this is what Taneja loves about his character. “There is a lot that I like in my character. First, the mannerisms of a nawabi family. It was a challenge to bring in those mannerisms in me. I had to walk a certain way and behave in a certain way but I got hold of it. Second, speaking Urdu was a bit if worry for me but we have maulana sahab on the sets to teach us. It is fun to play Azaan and I am enjoying it,” he tells you.

The story shows that Azaan, who had gone to London to pursue his higher studies, falls in love with Shayra and they decide to get married.

The real journey starts when the duo return after marriage. The problem arises when Azaan had to marry his best friend Noor due to various reasons. The fight who will be taking over the title of bahu begum — Noor or Shayra.

Diana Khan who plays Shayra, Azaan’s love interest says that the show is a great learning experience for her. “We are evolving every day. Every day is a new learning. We have so much fun behind the scenes. My character is of a modern girl who knows how to speak for herself. She has a lot of emotions — fierce ones,”  she tells you and says that the show is not about promoting double nikaah.

Sameeksha Jaiswal, who is essaying the role of Noor says that it is good to have a  show that revolves around the Muslim tradition that gives an insight of their culture and festivals.

Jaiswal was offered the choice of choosing either Noor or Shayra. She decided to play Noor because she was able to relate with the character. “I am very much like Noor. I am naughty, chirpy and a prankster. The role appealed to me from the first go. It was different from what I have played before,” she says.

The fiction drama is full of twists and turns that will keep the viewers glued to their sets. More so, since it is a love story and who doesn’t love a story that ends  on a happy note. The question is will this happen? And who will get the coveted title of Bahu Begum? Well, wait and watch!

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