‘Chhollywood needs to become more professional’

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‘Chhollywood needs to become more professional’

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 | Ankit Mishra | RAIPUR

After being in Chhollywood for about 19 years, Anuj Sharma, who is among top actors of this regional film-industry, feels that the industry needs to be more professional.

Sharma, the most sought-after actor in Chhollywood, strongly advocates the needs for training for the people working in this industry.

“Majority of technicians working in our industry have no technical training and they have learnt to work with experience,” he said.

Sharma has acted in over 40 movies and is a recipient of Padma Shri awards.

Considering the small size of this industry, he feels that apart from theatre other revenue sources could also be helpful in keeping the industry afloat.

“We will also have to look for new avenues for revenue. For example, earlier there were cassettes which were then replaced by CDs-DVDs and then came a time when nothing seemed to be working but now Youtube or digital rights are paying good.”

To the question about quality of cinema being made in Chhollywood, he blamed revenue factor for limiting the filmmakers here.

“While making movies we have to look for our revenue first. Our financial constrain is impeding our thinking,” he says.

On the allegations that Chhattisgarhi movies becoming commercial typecast and Chhollywood movies losing connect with people, he says: “Everyone is not able to connect with people. But there is no set formula for knowing what the audience is going to love. If established director/producers like Yash Chopra, Karan Jaohar Subhas Ghai or others knew this formula then their movies would never flop.”

He quickly adds. “Our USP is a Chhattisgarhi-feel. Our films compete with huge budget Hindi film and the thing that makes us different is that our movies have an element of affection. We have to keep the Chhattisgarhi-feel in our movies.”

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