‘Gama’ completes one year as Dehradun Mayor

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‘Gama’ completes one year as Dehradun Mayor

Monday, 02 December 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Completing one year in office as the mayor of Dehradun city, Sunil Uniyal ‘Gama’ made 12 promises on Sunday as the 12 key things  that will be done in the second year of his tenure. These include opening open air gym in every ward, smart vending zones and smart toilets among other things. However, the biggest challenge for him in the coming year will be to get a better rank in the Swachchh Survekshan report 2020.

Speaking with media on Sunday, Mayor said, “We are working towards making Dehradun the best municipal corporation in the country, as was promised to the people during the elections.

 In the past 12 months one of the biggest problems- encroachment at market site such as Paltan Bazaar was dealt with. Now, the encroachment situation there is better than before. The clock at Clock Tower was repaired and once again the clock there has started ticking. In one of the busiest parks in Dehradun—Gandhi Park-- an open air gym was started which is now being used by the fitness enthusiast public.”

About his plans for the coming year he said, “Now we are planning to open similar gymnasiums in all 100 wards. In addition to that we are also planning to start a model school and a hospital with at least 100 beds in it. For the sanitation purpose as well we have made Swachchhta committee and have appointed 630 Swachchhta Mitra.” It is pertinent to mention here that the biggest responsibility of Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) is to ensure proper sanitation in the city.

However, from getting 384th rank Swach Sarvekshan report 2019 in the month of March to this date there has been hardly any fruitful approach towards making the city a cleaner space.

Though MCD conducts drives from time to time and the door to door garbage collection is also ongoing, but the practice of dustbins overflowing and spreading foul smell for days and the garbage being dumped on empty plots are still at place.

 Even after repeated reminders littering and illegal disposal of waste has continued in various parts of the city.  

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