‘Kashmir is the citadel of Indian civilisation’

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‘Kashmir is the citadel of Indian civilisation’

Thursday, 22 August 2019 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

The Academy of Yoga and Oriental Studies (AYOS) organised a lecture entitled “Cultural magnificence of Kashmir and Nilamata Purana” here on August 18. The meeting was presided over by AYOS president Sudarsan Nayak. AYOS director Dr Indulata Das was the speaker of the occasion and eminent Sanskrit scholar Arun Kumar Upadhyaya was guest of honour. 

Dr Das in her lecture said, “Kashmir is the citadel of Indian civilisation. Pippalada branch of Atharva Veda, written in Sarada Lipi, was found in Kashmir. Kashmir might have been the home land of Patanjali, the great grammarian as he has, in his Mahabhasya, very fondly mentioned the name of Kashmir. Kalidasa, according to some, might have belonged to Kashmir as he has mentioned ‘saffron’ and the ‘worship of Kamadeva’ in his literature which is very famous in Kashimir.

Saiva Darsana of Kashmir is a very famous school of Indian philosophy. ‘Rajatarangini’, the great historical work is the contribution of Kashimir to the Indian literature. ‘Nilamata Purana’, similarly, is a book which has detailed descriptions of the formation of Kashmir and every small detail of all the rituals, traditions, festivals of the land of Kashmir.

Kashmir, according to Nilamata Purana, was a lake earlier which was transformed to a piece of land by Ananta Naga.

The present name of Ananat Naga is a mark of respect to that great serpent which drained the water of the lake to make it a habitable place. Today’s place Nilam Ghati is named after the great serpent Nila which was the king of the lake Satisara. ‘Kashmir’ is named after sage Kashyap who caused the formation of the place.

The temples, rivers, mountains and various other places in Kashmir are pilgrimages of high importance.” 

There was a question-answer session after the lecture in which many scholars participated.

Arun Kumar Upadhyaya spoke about the similarity of the kings of Kashmir and those of Odisha. Sudarsan Nayak spoke about the present state of Kashmir and the political changes that have taken place in the recent past.

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