‘Use of low grade minerals must for reaching steel target’

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‘Use of low grade minerals must for reaching steel target’

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

A national symposium on “Environment-friendly Mining, Mineral Processing, Energy and Metal Extraction” (EMMEME – 2019)” was organised here by the Institute of Advance Technology and Environmental Studies (IATES) here on Monday.

Technical papers relating to the symposium were released and following discussions recommendations were made for necessary action by the Central Government and other concerned organisations.

The symposium recommended the Government to mine and use both the high and low-grade and complex ores as mineral resources are non-renewable in nature. While reserves of

low grade ores are much larger in quantities than the high grade ones, beneficiation is to be taken up for all low-grade ores, especially those which have not been practiced at present.

To reach the 2030 target of producing 300 million tonnes of steel in the country, use of low grade iron ores should be mandatory either through beneficiation or through alternate/new process technology applied to iron and steel making.

Research and development (R and D) efforts need to be augmented to develop techno-economically-viable processes to recover metal values from industrial and municipal wastes like slag, tailings, leached residues, dross, slimes, spent catalysts, electric and electronic wastes etc.

It also recommended slurry transportation, as used by a few industries recently, should be adopted for long distance for economical and environmental point of view.

As the energy cost contributes to a sizeable fraction about 20-40 per cent of the total operational cost of mines, it is essential to use the renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass as is increasingly being used in mines and mineral-based industries in many advance countries.

It said modernisation of mining technique with proper geo-technical instrumentation must be practiced to avoid disasters in the mines. Illegal mining of minerals in the country has to be stopped

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