50-day theatre workshop held

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50-day theatre workshop held

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The participants are learning martial art in theatre form of art at a theatre workshop. A 50-day theatre workshop is being organised at Patrakar Bhavan for the theatre aspirants.

The participants wre being trained in Thang -Ta. It is a cultural heritage art of Manipur. Its traditional name is Huyel Langlon. Huyel Langlon means (Huyel means War and Langlon means Knowledge of Art) knowledge of War Art.. "Thang" and "Ta" are main weapons of this art so people commonly known the art as Thang-Ta, this is not mean to Thang as Sword and Ta as Spear,This is the name of the art.

In this art, movements of sword intended to ward off evil spirits is shown while other dance moves indicate protection. Besides, in this workshop, the participants are learning the other forms of stage arts like dance and music including the stage craft as well.  The workshop majorly focuses on acting techniques, body language, observational kills, voice modulation, diction and speech. This will provide a unique knowledge practice based techniques, which is very important to acquire in this career.

All kind of genres like tragedy, comedy, drama and horror are being taught.        

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