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Ayurvedic practitioners claim herbal remedy effective in treating dengue

| | Haridwar
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Ayurvedic practitioners claim herbal remedy effective in treating dengue

Saturday, 14 September 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

While at least 31 cases of dengue have been reported in Haridwar recently taking the total up to 104 in the district, some Ayurvedic practioners claim to have herbal cures for the disease.

Using these herbal remedies can not only prevent dengue but can also help a person suffering from the disease, they claim.

Use of Dengueneil Vati, juice of papaya leaves and Giloy stem is known to keep the vector borne disease dengue at bay and make the patient energetic while boosting the blood platelets count.

The district malaria officer Dr Gurnam Singh said that considering the spread of dengue, people are being made aware of measures to mitigate the chances being afflicted by keeping surroundings clean. Water should not be allowed to accumulate at any place, he said.

Meanwhile, practitioners of alternative medicine aver that clove, black pepper and tulsi leaves extract taken twice a day helps keep person strong to fight the dengue virus.

A city based scientist and Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Vijay Verma claims to have treated 84 dengue patients till date since 2013 adopting integrated therapy combining Panchkarma and allopathic critical care.

Allopathic treatment is only a supportive method of treatment in dengue cases but if the blood platelets count goes down to a certain level, platelets need to be infused in the patient say the allopathic doctors. But with Ayurvedic treatment, using ‘Vasti Kriya’ and use of ‘Snehan’, a person can recover without getting platelets, said Verma. Not only in dengue but in other conditions too, this Vasti Kriya has proved useful claimed the doctor. “We treated 250 cases of encyphalitis in Muzaffarpur using same integrated therapy and now one clinic has been established for research in Gorakhpur to see effect on patients so that it can be clinically established.”

Claiming the efficacy of herbal medicine made from cow’s milk, oil and honey, which starts showing results in ten minutes of its intake, Verma said that the internal bleeding stops in the patient and within 24 hours the blood platelets’ count starts increasing.

Under vector disease control programme, Ministry of Health and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have undertaken clinical trials. AIIMS has accepted the protocol sent by the doctor along with the database of 48 patients.

Speaking to this correspondent, Anil Prajapati Vaidya from Patanjali Ayurved Sansthan said, “We have made a special formulation ‘Dengueneil Vati’ which has to be taken twice a day in the dosage of two tablets. It gives immense relief to the patients and brings up platelet level."

Abrupt onset of fever, severe joint and muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and red rashes on skin are some of the symptoms which may be the early symptoms of these diseases.

Herbal decoction made from Giloy herb by crushing it in pestle mortar and boiling in water, is useful in treating mild fever.

If the situation is severe, one may add Jwarnashak Kwath (crushed dry herbs) while boiling in water.

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