BJP plays master stroke to checkmate AJSU in Hussainabad

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BJP plays master stroke to checkmate AJSU in Hussainabad

Sunday, 17 November 2019 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

In a master stroke the BJP got two of its cadres Prafulla Kumar Singh and Ajay Kumar Gupta, who had filed their nominations from Hussainabad constituency as Independents bowed out of the poll ring.

Announcing this twin withdrawal from the poll ring from Hussainabad constituency at a press conference at BJP’s Media Centre here today Aditya Sahu the State vice president of BJP and now in charge BJP electioneering in Palamu, Garhwa and Latehar said “ Prafulla K Singh and Ajay K Gupta have withdrawn from the Hussainabad Assembly contest. They are our most respected and disciplined cadres. Their withdrawal is under no coercion.  They have stepped out for our cadre Binod Singh.”

Sahu further said, “Now the BJP has decided to give all back up and support to our another cadre Binod Singh who too had filed nomination here in Hussainabad as Independent like Prafulla and Ajay. Binod Singh will now be BJP’s supported candidate but as Independent.”

Sahu agreed that Binod Singh will not campaign with Lotus the BJP’s party symbol but any symbol that will be given to him by the returning officer. Distribution of symbols will come late in the evening today.

Asked that campaign without Lotus but with party flags will confuse the voters much to which Sahu said, “Our cadres will take care of this situation. We will do our best to tell voters that Binod ji is BJP candidate.”

Sahu without mincing any word said, “We started late here just because of AJSU as it had fielded its candidate here (read in Kushwaha Sheopujan Mehta the name Sahu did not mention at all in the press briefing) but when we found there should be a BJP candidate here in Hussainabad by then nomination was over and so we decided to extend our all big support to our own cadre Binod Singh who will technically be Independent candidate but with our party support.”

Sahu was all praise for Prafulla and Ajay who agreed to sit down for Binod Singh.

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