Butterfly Park to open in city soon

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Butterfly Park to open in city soon

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 | Divya Modi | Ranchi

Nature lovers of the city will soon be able to witness the beauty of walking among variety of butterflies. The Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, located at Ormanjhi, Ranchi, has floated a tender for hiring consultants to establish a butterfly park in the State Capital promising the visitors colourful new species of butterflies.

The botanical section is located opposite the Birsa Zoological Park. The park is proposed to open in 2019-20.

“An open butterfly park will be made this year. Presently, a tender has been floated inviting consultants with suggestions regarding designs and drawings and the development work will be done based on that. A team of the zoo had visited the various butterfly parks in India and based on the report, submitted the park will be made. It will be architecturally landscaped. Experts, including horticulturists and insect specialists, are also scheduled to visit,” said Director Biological Park, D. Venkateshwarlu.

The biological park has about 10 acres of open land where the butterfly park is proposed to be set up. It will be complete with a wide range of shrubs, flowering plants and trees—the kind which attract butterflies so that they not only breed but also stay there.

“The park will have a wide variety of flowering plants which are also known as ‘host plants’. The butterflies will feed, lay eggs, become adults and stay there. It will have the adequate structure required for making it a natural breeding ground for butterflies. It will have all the vital features necessary for a butterfly park and will also attract all the local varieties of butterflies.” the director further added.

The park will be open to the public all through the year. It will also serve as a great tourist spot just like the Birsa Zoological Park. “This park will not disturb the zoo in any way and is a completely different section,” remarked the official.

The zoo currently houses 84 different species of animals including birds, mammals and reptiles. At present there are a total of 1,050 animals-tiger, lion, leopard, crocodiles. It is the only zoo in India where an ostrich breeds successfully.

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