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Candid Notes

Friday, 19 July 2019 | Gajendra Singh Negi

Withering weathercocks

With their predictions going haywire on most occasions, the weathermen of State Meteorological Centre, Dehradun have become butt of public jokes in the Himalayan state. The forecasts of the centre have been so erratic in recent past that both general public and administration have almost stopped taking note of them. After the advent of monsoon – which is weak this year- the meteorologists of the centre have given Red and Orange alerts, the warnings of heavy and very heavy rainfall many times but every time rain gods proved their prediction wrong. With consistent failure of this centre, some are opining that the weathermen in order to escape from the responsibility of situations like deluge and cloudbursts tend to increase the level of warning issued. If this assumption has any iota of truth, then it can have very serious repercussions for a disaster prone state like Uttarakhand. Regular failure of the weather forecasts would tend to make system complacent which could be catastrophic.

Didi in doldrums

Unable to digest her continued antipathy towards their leader, a section of legislators belonging to the Congress party are said to be planning to raise revolt against this fiery and experienced leader. The plan is to remove ‘Didi’ as she is affectionately called by everyone, from the post of leader of opposition in state assembly. Didi’s hostility for a Congress stalwart who is a former chief minister is well known. However, the Congress legislators belonging to the camp of the former CM are in no mood to tolerate Didi any more and can declare an open war against her anytime. The camp followers of the former CM claim that eight out of 11 legislators of the party are united in the plan to topple Didi. It would be interesting to note how, Didi, a veteran of many a political battle in the past would outmaneuver her detractors within the party. Of course she is relying on the support of the camp of state PCC chief in this battle.

Careless Babu

The devil may care attitude of an officiating head of one of the departments concerned with education has landed the department concerned in quandary. The officer’s understanding of the rules and regulations of the important department which lords over large number of institutions both government and private, is so pathetic that those dealing with him in state secretariat tend to pull their hair out in disgust. To make things more complex, the Babu seldom picks up phone calls made to him by both his superiors and subordinates. It is learnt that the lackadaisical approach of the officer has forced the secretary heading the department to direct his staff that the contact numbers of all the subordinates of this wayward Babu should be with them so that required information can be received bypassing the careless officer. Unconcerned with these things, the officer is continuing to live in his own world.

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