Census-2021 is different from the previous census, says Sanjeev Singh

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Census-2021 is different from the previous census, says Sanjeev Singh

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Director of RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration and Management, Sanjeev Singh, inaugurated the last round of training session of Master Trainers for Census-2021 at the Academy today. He said that the Census -2021 is different from the previous census. This time modern technology is being used in Census work. Therefore it can also be called digital census.

Sanjeev Singh said that the work of Census-2021 will be carried out through a mix mode approach such as mobile app and paper mode. The Census Management and Monitoring System (CMMS) portal has been created for continuous supervision and monitoring of all work. Through this, real time monitoring of all the census work can be done at every level.

He informed that data collection done through the app in both the stages of census will be available immediately. This data can be analysed and used for various purposes.

Deputy Registrar Census AK Saxena informed that the work of Census-2021 will be completed in two phases. In the first phase, the work of listing and counting of houses and updating of National Population Register will be done from April to September 2020 in a period of 45 days as fixed by the State Government. In the second phase, the census work will be done from February 9 to February 28, 2021.

Course Director of the Academy Pramod Chaturvedi said that the six-day training of master trainers will continue till December 7 in which 58 trainers will be imparted training. Training is being imparted to the officers of Indore, Ujjain, Jabalpur and Narmadapuram division.

The last training was organized from November 18 to 23 in which 56 Master Trainers were trained. Officers of six divisions were trained during the training programme.

Approximately 2850 field trainers will be trained in various districts of the state by 114 trained master trainers. After this, about one lakh 74 thousand 221 enumerators and supervisors will be trained by field trainers.

A total of 5 national trainers trained in New Delhi will also contribute to overcoming the doubts and queries of the trainees during the training.

A one-minute silence was observed at the beginning of the training programme to pay tribute to National Trainer GL Meena posted in Gujarat following his death in an accident.

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