Chandigarh likely to have its own anthem

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Chandigarh likely to have its own anthem

Friday, 08 November 2019 | PNS | Chandigarh

The City Beautiful is likely to have its own anthem on the lines of famous cities all over the world.

For, the Chandigarh Heritage Committee which met under the chairmanship of UT Advisor Manoj Parida on Thursday discussed the issue of creation of an anthem for the city.

The committee met to discuss the proposals to spread heritage awareness and sensitization in schools and colleges of Chandigarh.

During the meeting, committee member B N Goswamy, a historian suggested that a panel of high caliber writers be created to write about various aspects of the city’s heritage in an engaging and informative manner for students and citizens.He also recommended the creation of an anthem for Chandigarh on the lines of all great cities all over the world.

Another member, Rajnish Wattas, former principal of Chandigarh College of Architecture suggested the creation of markers and information plaques along the major routes and landmarks of the city to educate citizens and tourists.

He also stressed the importance of creating short movies on various aspects of the city that could be a visual library for students and citizens.

It was decided that books authored by Deepika Gandhi, Director Le Corbusier Centre on Chandigarh and Rock Garden would be re-introduced in government schools of the city.

A presentation was made by Deepika Gandhi regarding the need to connect the students of schools and colleges with the heritage of the city and the past and present efforts made by the Architecture Museums in this direction.

She informed that as a result of sustained efforts of the outreach and education program of the architecture museums, many private schools had started engaging with the museums and Capitol complex regularly but the same opportunity needs to be given to students of government schools and colleges.

While agreeing to the suggestions of the experts and directing various Departments to start work on the decisions taken, the UT Advisor Manoj Parida expressed hope that these tangible steps would lead to greater awareness in students and a positive engagement with city.

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