CM flays Opp for raising questions on EVM-VVPAT

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CM flays Opp for raising questions on EVM-VVPAT

Thursday, 23 May 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Wednesday attacked the Opposition parties for doubting the credentials of the Election Commission of India and raising questions on EVM-VVPAT. He said that the Election Commission has already rejected the demand for matching VVPAT slips to EVMs by jolting Opposition parties. On the issue of EVM-VVPAT, the Election Commission has taken a big decision.

“On Tuesday, before the results of the Lok Sabha elections, 22 parties, including Congress, SP and TMC, had met with Election Commission officials. The Opposition had demanded from the Election Commission to investigate the VVPAT slips on polling stations without any order before the counting begins on May 23. In the annoyance of defeat, the ‘Mahamilawati’ people have again attacked the identity of the country. Those who can ask for proof of surgical strike, what can be expected from them:” he asked.

Das said that EVM’s resistance is disrespect to the people's mandate of the country. Frustrated with their possible defeat 22 Opposition parties have been questioning the country's democratic process and maligning the image of the country and its democracy in the world. There is no logical basis for the demands of all these parties, he said.

The CM said that the Opposition started raising questions on EVMs after polling ended in 6 phases. “This ruckus, especially after the exit poll results, has increased further. The Opposition should understand that the exit poll is done not on the basis of EVMs but by asking voters questions. How can the questions be raised on the credibility of the EVMs on the basis of exit polls?” he quipped.

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