CMPDI celebrates Independence Day with fervour

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CMPDI celebrates Independence Day with fervour

Saturday, 17 August 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

During FY 2018-19, 24 Geological Reports was prepared with proving of additional coal resources of about 6.6 Billion Tonnes in the ‘Proved Category’. The rate of reserves proving last year was considerably higher than the average rate of proving in last few years. During FY 2018-19, the turn-over of CMPDIwas Rs 1,274 crore with a growth of  about the 10 per cent over last year. Govt. of India has given the status of Mini-Ratna (Cat-I) to CMPDI in accordance with the provisions of Department of Public Enterprises (DPE). Earlier, CMPDI was given the status of Mini-Ratna (Cat-II) in year 2009. During financial year 2018-19, CMPDI through departmental drills carried out 5 lakh metre of drilling with productivity of 619/drill/metre, which is the highest in the history of CMPDI with a growth of about 11  per cent over previous year by adopting modern technology. CMD,CMPDI, Shekhar Saran said on the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August, 2019 during his speech.

Saran told that CMDI was actively involved in reclassification of coking coal to account for unclassified Low Volatile Medium Coking (Ash > 35per cent) coal resources available in BCCL and CCL.

This resulted in addition of the new grades as Washery Grade-V (exceeding 35per cent and up to 42per cent ash) &Washery Grade-VI (exceeding 42per cent  and upto 49per cent ash) which will result in considerable financial benefit to related subsidiaries and saving the Foreign Exchange through reduction in imports of coking coal. Draft Project Report of MandarParvat was prepared. This will be the first coal Mine of Bihar and the name of the state of Bihar will on the Coal Map of India.

On this occasion, Saran said that during FY2018-19, Coal India has produced 607 Million Tonnes of coal with a growth of 7per cent over the FY 2017-18.CMPDI has prepared a total of 287 Report, including 24 Geological Reports, 31 Project Reports and 84 Form-I/EMP.  During FY 2018-19, an amount of Rs 1.58 crore, was incurred on CSR activities. Moreover, during FY 2019-20, the CSR annual budget is Rs  3.74 crore. Accordingly, the activities of CSR are being carried on.            

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