Dengue stings MLA Hostel, wife of Kedarnath MLA suffering from disease

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Dengue stings MLA Hostel, wife of Kedarnath MLA suffering from disease

Saturday, 10 August 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

With menace of dengue spreading in all parts of provisional state capital Dehradun, areas considered high end are also getting affected by the vector borne disease. MLA hostel, the residential colony where the families of legislatures reside has come under the attack of dengue. Wife of MLA from Kedarnath, Manoj Rawat suffering from dengue is recuperating in a private hospital. The MLA’s wife was admitted in Arogya Dham hospital on August 7 with complaint of high fever. The in-charge of the hospital, Dr Vipul Kandwal said that she was diagnosed with Dengue. He said that she is admitted in the hospital and is now recovering from the disease. The MLA, who was in his constituency also confirmed that his wife has dengue.

Meanwhile, the health department reported 25 new cases of the disease on Friday. With them the number of patients affected by the disease in the capital mounted 279.

The district vector borne diseases officer, Subhash Joshi told The Pioneer that a team of health department visited the Old Rajpur road area where a 26 year old female had reportedly died of the disease. The Mahant Indiresh hospital on Thursday had claimed that the woman had dengue. “Our team visited the area where she resided and found no case of fever. We have sent the blood sample of the lady for the confirmatory ELISA test. The cause of the death of this woman is probably Hepatitis,’’ Joshi said.

A team of National Malaria Research Centre (NMRC) Haridwar visited many dengue affected area in Raipur and collected samples of larvae. The health department also conducted a meeting of different departments at Raipur for synergising anti dengue activities in the city.

The symptoms of Dengue are persistently high fever, rashes, headache and pain in the joints. In the acute cases the platelets number decrease drastically which could prove fatal for the patient.   The Tiger mosquito (called due to the characteristic stripes on its body) is responsible for transmitting the virus from one person to another

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