Fakulti Development event organised

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Fakulti Development event organised

Friday, 15 March 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Electronics and ICT Academy by Department of Computer Science and Engineering at LNCT launched a five-day Fakulti Development Programme. The programme was on the subject of Scientific Scientific Computing with Python by Indian Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Institute, Jabalpur, Hon'ble Minister, Law and Legislative , Science and Technology, M.

The programme was presided over by the Government Secretariat of the LNCT Group Dr. Anupam Chausse,   said that the areas of technology are changing very rapidly and this type of FDP maintains the charm of the class room because Knowledge of the teacher is enhanced by this,  Anupam Chouke said that this FPP will definitely update everyone with knowledge and its direct benefit is studied.

The participants and dignitaries were present on this occasion.

For the success of this program, . Poonam Chowkey and  Jai Narayan Choukseji have congratulated the students for the program  Atul Gupta Associate Professor of Indian Information Technology Design and Jabalpur has been invited to the Manufacturing Institute, organized by Ashok Kumar Rai, Sadhana Mishra, K. Ube, Professor Ratnesh Kumar Dubey, Professor Vikram Rajput, Professor by Hitesh Gupta and Professor Vijay Trivedi.