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Fear of law makes Ranchiites abide by traffic rules

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Fear of law makes Ranchiites abide by traffic rules

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 | Divya Modi | Ranchi

With the new traffic rules being implemented, the residents of Ranchi seem to be following the mantra to be alert for the rules to save burning a hole in one’s pocket. Rules like wearing seatbelts for all passengers in a car and a two wheeler rider cannot wear slippers or sandals are also being implemented. Across various age groups, these rules are being received with a lot of mixed opinions.

Preeti Garodia, Director Advance Commerce Academy who drives a four wheeler is of the opinion that the new traffic rules are very good. “I totally agree that all passengers in a car should wear a seat belt and not just the driver as he is not the only one prone to any risk.

 This is the initial phase so people are finding it difficult to follow them but in the long run they will prove to be a boom. Just implementing these rules is not enough, the government should also ensure that the basic infrastructure is in place,” Garodia said. “Since the new rules have been implemented, I make sure that all the required documents are in order to avoid a penalty. The rule for wearing a helmet is required but not everyone can afford to wear shoes.  A dress code cannot be made for two wheeler riders. There should be a rule that bus and auto drivers should also be required to wear seatbelts. Awareness about footwear rules for two wheelers and seatbelts for all passengers in a car needs to be created. Camps can be organised for this,” said Saurav, a city based businessman.

 “I am aware of all the rules and try my best to follow them. But the general public does not seem to be following all of them. Wearing a seatbelt should be made mandatory for all drivers no matter whether they drive an auto, car or a bus. Many two wheelers are being driven by people wearing a slipper or a sandal and not all pillions are wearing helmets.

 The government needs to take steps to create awareness among the masses,” said Sanjay Agarwal a city based businessman.“The rule of riding two wheelers with shoes is not practical for everyone to follow epecially ladies. When doing errands or taking children to the bus stop or any class, it can still be followed but not all the time. Women can’t wear shoes with a saree and it is not possible to carry a spare pair of shoes. The rule of pillions wearing a helmet is necessary but with the shoes rule it is like making a dress code for two wheeler riders. The school bus driver ferrying so many children shoulders a great responsibility. Only if he is safe will the kids also be secure, so bus drivers should also wear seatbelts,” said home maker Brinda Saraf who rides a two wheeler.

“Since the rules have been implanted, I make it point to wear a helmet. I was not aware about the footwear rules but from now onwards I will make sure to wear closed shoes or sneakers,” said Anjali Agarwal- a student pursuing Chartered Accountancy in Ranchi.

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