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Ghummakkad Narain to start in Dehradun today

| | Dehradun
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Ghummakkad Narain to start in Dehradun today

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

Ghummakkad Narain - the Travelling Literature Festival will be in Dehradun during August 21-23. The event will begin with a morning session at The Heritage School with film screening and stories at Musee Art Café in the evening.

The festival which was started in 2010 is held every year in the memory of Thakur Vishva Narain Singh, the first Braille editor of National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH), an ardent reader, writer and someone who shared his love for reading with children and adults alike.

The festival begins today at the Heritage School with a session by Deepa Agarwal on collecting stories. It will be followed by “Brave Bunch” film screening and interaction with the Polish film makers Tomasz Stankiewicz and Zofia Pregowska. The film is an interactive documentary about Polish children who sought refugee in Jamnagar, Gujarat during World War II, through the eyes of the children. Stories from the Himalayas will be narrated by Shaguna Gahilote who has co-authored the book “Curious Tales from the Himalayas” with Prarthana Gahilote. A discussion on writing with Deepa Agarwal will also be held in addition to a talk by Atul Sethi about the “Magic of Mussoorie” his comic book for children.

On the second day the session will be held at Jaswant Modern School where Deepa Agarwal, Tomasz Stankiewicz and Shaguna Gahilote will be joined by Parvati Sharma who will be telling history stories through her books the “Adventures of Rattu and Poorie” and “Babur”.

In the evening, the festival will travel to Welham Girls school with Parvati Sharma telling the children how to write about history and author Shaguna Gahilote shall be presenting stories from the “Curious Tales from the Himalayas” followed by questions and answers.

On the third day, a session will be held for Jaswant Modern school children with Parvati Sharma, Shaguna Gahilote and Atul Sethi.  "It's a proud moment for us to come back to Dehradun with our book.

We were born and brought up here and Dehradun has contributed immensely to our style of writing and has shaped our thought process.

The book has a collection of 11 stories from the entire stretch of the Himalayas, starting from Ladakh and ending in Arunachal Pradesh with stories from Uttarakhand, Bhutan, Nepal and even Tibet.

 These are stories which Prarthana and I collected during our travels and wanted to share with the next generation,” said Shaguna Gahilote. "Being the first literature festival in Dehradun, we are really proud how the literature festival scene has really taken up in the city. There can never be enough of literature, you can spend your whole life reading and there will always be so many more to read.

 And that is the joy of reading that you can never be bored or be alone with a book. Today when technology is making children aloof, it’s the joy of reading which will keep them grounded and happy," added Prarthana Gahilote, the festival director of Ghummakkad Narain.

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