Govt must reverse hike in medical college fee: Jugran

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Govt must reverse hike in medical college fee: Jugran

Monday, 19 August 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Accusing two private medical colleges in the state of arbitrary hike of college fees, chief patron of Private Medical University Joint Parents Association, Ravinder Jugran said that if this decision of hike is not reversed they will be forced to undertake agitation and approach the court. He alleged that the management of these colleges has the support of senior political leaders and bureaucrats, which is why they were able to ignore the guidelines of Supreme Court of India.

Addressing the media at the Press Club here on Sunday, Jugran said, “Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences and Shree Guru Ram Rai Medical College were charging Rs four lakh as their annual fees until the year 2017. However, now both the colleges have hiked their fees to Rs 18 lakh annually. The SGRR medical college’s fees hike was approved by fees committee in March this year. This raises doubts on the role of fees committee as well. If proper investigation will not be done and fees hike is not reversed we will be forced to knock the doors of the court.”

He further added, “It is not possible for a private body to take such arbitrary actions without the support of senior administrative officials. Most of the students under the state quota cannot afford such high fees and therefore will not be able to pursue the course. The ruling government is not working as per the promises of development of the state and its citizens.”

He said, “It is understandable if one raises the fees up to 10 per cent or 20 per cent, but suddenly the hike of 250 to 300 per cent is wrong and unlawful. This puts the careers of brilliant and merit holder students of the state at risk. The government needs to reverse this decision and take actions against those who have done this for personal gains, otherwise we will have no other option but to take this issue to the court and undertake agitation.”

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