GPS tracking of EVM movement during polls

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GPS tracking of EVM movement during polls

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

The movement of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in the Assembly elections-2019 will be tracked with GPS. Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Shailesh Kumar Chaurasia, today said in a one-day training programme for District Information Officer (DIO) of all districts regarding GPS tracking, that GPS will be installed in the vehicle of the deputed sector magistrate for carrying EVMs.

Under this, GPS tracking will be done till the EVM is taken to the polling station and it is brought after the polling is done. GPS tracking will also be done on the movement of reserve EVMs, if required on the day of polling.

In the training programme, District Informatics Officers were given technical information about monitoring of GPS installed in the Sector Magistrate's vehicle. They were told that they would be able to track the movement of EVMs through an app designed for this task. If the vehicle of the Sector Magistrate carrying the EVM diverts from the prescribed route, then it will be immediately available and they can be informed to this effect, so that they can return to their designated route. Control room will be created in all districts for GPS tracking of EVMs.

Through the mobile based GPS tracking system, along with the information about the actual location of the sector officer, the speed of the vehicle, the charge percentage of the battery of the Android phone used, it will also be known that the vehicles going in the prescribed route for the transport of the reserve EVM. Where was the stoppage of - and for how long.

For this, the sector officers have clear instructions that they will not keep their mobile phones switched off during the movement. It is to be known that with the help of GPS system, where the mobile phone of the sector officer will move, the information about the actual location will be available.

Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer, Vinay Kumar Choubey, today said that the Model Election Code of Conduct is effective in connection with the Assembly elections.

In order to maintain the transparency and transparency of the election process, the Election Commission of India has given several guidelines regarding election expenditure monitoring, which is to be followed in letter and spirit.

 Under this, if during investigation, more than Rs 50,000 cash is found from any vehicle by the flying squad, static surveillance team or enforcement agencies, or illegal liquor, drugs, drugs or illegal weapons or illegal goods are found from any vehicle or 10 Gift material worth more than a thousand rupees is available, which is likely to be used to lure voters, then it will be subject to seizure.

The information of investigation and seizure of such vehicles will be given to the person concerned. Videography of this entire process will also be done, he said.

The CEO said that during the election process, people should avoid cash transactions and should not carry large amounts of cash. He also said that a committee of three officers has been formed in every district to clear the grievances of common people.

In this committee, the Chief Executive Officer, the District Council / Deputy Development Commissioner, the Nodal Officer appointed for expenditure monitoring in the District Election Office and the District Treasury Officer will be members. The committee will look into all such cases and decide on the seizure.

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