Health workers thwarted by uncooperative public

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Health workers thwarted by uncooperative public

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

With dengue continuing to hit Dehradun and surrounding areas hard, the authorities engaged in controlling the menace of the disease are handicapped by the reluctance of the people to support in the anti-dengue operations. The teams of health department are facing problems in many areas of the city and at places the health workers are threatened by locals when they are asking them to decant the utensils filled with water. The district vector borne diseases officer, Subhash Joshi told The Pioneer that when the team of health department are asking the people to throw the water collected as mosquitos are breeding there, the people are becoming aggressive and asking them to leave the place. “ when we are trying to educate people about the disease and informing about the preventive measures, people at many places are cutting us short and asking us to leave the area,’’ he said. The health workers are getting de-motivated by the uncooperative attitude of the people.

The administration of Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital is also experiencing the uncooperative nature of the dengue patients. In the special dengue wards, the hospital authorities have placed mosquito nets over the beds of suspected patients of the disease but to the dismay of the authorities and staff present there, the patients are removing these nets.

It is worth mentioning here that though dengue spreads by Aedes Ezypti ( Tiger Mosquito), the disease also spreads when any mosquito which bites a healthy person after biting a dengue patient. The Medical Superintendent (MS) of the GDMC hospital, Dr K K Tamta said that the uncooperative nature of the patients is very disheartening. “We have placed fans in the ward but the patients are removing the mosquito nets placed to prevent spread of the disease. They are not listening to our pleas,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, dengue is increasing unabatedly in the Doon valley. On Tuesday 20 new cases of the dreaded vector borne disease were reported by the district health authorities.

With these cases, the number of dengue affected patients in Dehradun has jumped to  821. Out of these patients 791 patients are residents of Dehradun while 30 belong to other districts.

The special dengue wards in GDMC hospital, Gandhi Centenary Eye hospital and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya hospitals have become full of patients.

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