Hindi film Sangdil screened at Bharat Bhavan under ‘Ekagra’

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Hindi film Sangdil screened at Bharat Bhavan under ‘Ekagra’

Saturday, 10 August 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

On Friday, Hindi film Sangdil was screened at Bharat Bhavan. The film was screened under film festival Ekagra dedicated to Dilip Kumar.

Sangdil is a 1952 film directed by R. C Talwar. The film is an adaptation of the Charlotte Brontë classic Jane Eyre. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Dara Singh and Leela Chitnis. The film's music is by Sajjad Hussain and film song lyrics by Rajinder Krishan.

Sangdil begins in the household of a wealthy man and his cantankerous wife (Amirbano). When we first see the wife, she’s barging into the kitchen, where a girl, Kamla is hard at work scrubbing pots and pans. Her aunt always used to mistreat her.

Kamla was the daughter of a friend of this wicked lady's husband, who gives Kamla's and her inheritence responsibilty to hos friend before dying. Though Kamla was a good friend to Shankar, lady's son. Besides, Dhaayi Maa was also her friend who used to tell her stories of princes on white horses coming for thier princesses.

One day, when Shankar's father died, this lady called a man and hands over Kamla to him to be raised in an ashram. Shankar till now doesent know about it.

Kamla, no wimp, realizes that she’s headed for worse than Shankar’s mother, so while the man falls asleep in the coach she looks out over the passing countryside. Seeing three monks walking down the hill below the coach, she carefully opens the door and flings herself out. The monks pick her up and take her to the religious house of which they are members. This place is dedicated to the worship of Shiva.

Years pass, and Kamla (Madhubala) is a priestess singing hymns to Lord Shankar. The scene shifts to a plush, fashionable home where a wealthy young Thakur (Dilip Kumar) is flirting with his beloved, Mohini (Shammi).

Later, Kamla makes entry and Shankar's house. But, Shankar was not so very good with Kamla. She also discovers that Shankar and Mohini dosent have true love for each other. Kamla also hears unrecognisable screams which Thakurain calls screams of a ghost.

Soon Kamla discovers that Thakur is her childhood friend Shankar. What happens next follows rest of the stories.

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