Intl Motivational Talk organized

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Intl Motivational Talk organized

Friday, 22 February 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Hard work always pays, this was said by a motivational speaker and psychologist Pooja Mehta.

Pooja was addressing the students of Patel Institute of Technology at International Motivational Talk. The talk was held here on Friday at the college premises. The students from all semesters were a part of the motivational talk.

While addressing the motivational talk at the college Pooja Mehta emphasised over the career focus of each student. He said, “It is important for a student to work hard and keep a positive attitude towards life.”

As she spoke about life he highlighted over the challenges and obstacle life throws on an individual. She said that the students have to face all the challenges and obstacles with positivity. She showed a motivational video to students and gave examples from the video. 

The staff and students participated in the workshop. Aiming to guide the students on how to get success in life, the seminar was attended by the students. She also held an interactive session with the students. As she invited few students on stage, she told the students about how to excel in the fields chosen by them.

She further said that control over emotions is majorly required in working place. One cannot act aggressively or quickly at any situation. It is important to take some time, ponder over it positively and then act. She said that stress only comes when a person cannot control his or her emotions.

Later, an interactive session was held. The audience asked their various queries on stress management. Also the the interactive session was followed with the power-point presentation, through which the audience explored different stages of stress.