Largest vaccination drive against measles-rubella to be lauched

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Largest vaccination drive against measles-rubella to be lauched

Friday, 11 January 2019 | PNS | Gwalior

Gwalior is all set to launch the largest vaccination campaign against measles and rubella which is responsible for irremediable birth defects that can lead to blindness, swelling in the brain, pneumonia and even death in children.

District Collector, Bharat Yadav on Thursday formed a Task Force Committee to make sure that not a single child is left without the immunization. Addressing the committee he asked the members to show real commitment to improve health and well-being of the people of the district by protecting children against vaccine preventable diseases like measles and rubella. He also asked them to initiate a person-to-person campaign to create awareness about the deadly diseases and the benefits of the vaccine.

The collector asked the committee members to go to such underprivileged people whose children might not be studying in any schools and create awareness among them also about the disease. He further asked them to conduct awareness programme in as many schools and anganwadis as possible.  Yadav added that the members of the committee should make sure that the vaccine reaches every child in the district.

During the meeting the Civil Surgeon of the district was appointed as the nodal officer of the campaign.

Giving details about the diseases and the immunization campaign, MS Rajawat, the representative of the World Health Organization told the committee that fatal defects are caused during child birth through rubella virus infection. He added that when a pregnant mother is infected early in pregnancy, the virus crosses the placenta and infects most fetal organ systems. It can cause a miscarriage or even stillbirth.

Dr Rajawat further said that measles, though not as treacherous as rubella, is still a child killing disease, especially for babies and small children. Children affected with this disease are at risk of lifelong brain damage and lung infection, leading to even death.

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