MCD fails to enforce or raise awareness

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MCD fails to enforce or raise awareness

Wednesday, 09 October 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Even after repeated complaints of foul smell from garbage dumps, the authorities have failed in taking proper action against the issue. Despite existing rules making it mandatory for segregation of garbage at source, the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) has not only failed to enforce it but has not even started raising awareness on it and encouraging the citizens to do the needful. So much so that at different transfer stations made for dumping garbage before it is transported to the waste management plant at Sheeshambada, people are complaining about foul smell and increased pests around the area.

In absence of waste segregation, the bio-degradable waste ends up in the transfer stations and the Sheeshambada plant where its decomposition is generating not only foul smell but also creating conditions detrimental to public health.

According to MCD officials, the provision for the solid waste segregation has been made, but the Government order for the same has not been issued yet.

Soumya Prasad of Do No Trash group said, “There is no systematic approach or proper road map that the authorities concerned have made. Even after repeated petitions and memoranda submitted to the local officers concerned, no concrete action plan was made. One of the oldest organisations which started the segregation and composting concept in Dehradun—Pramukh could make such an impact on its own but the government with all its resources is failing to take any concrete step.”

She further said, “The most important step is raising awareness among citizens and providing them a proper way to dispose their segregated waste. Several non-profit organisations are willing to participate and support free of cost but MCD appears to only favour one particular organisation.”

It is also pertinent to mention here that as pilot project the citizens of ward 100, Nathuawala are not only segregating garbage at the source but are also composting the biodegradable garbage themselves.

Explaining further about the project, the councillor Swati Dobhal said that there are about 3,300 households in the ward. They first collect garbage from each household and then divide it in 28 different categories.

She further said that they compost the bio-degradable materials themselves and for materials such as e-waste and others they take third party help.

Observers point out that unless the authorities start taking necessary actions for ensuring segregation of garbage at source, none of the other campaigns including the campaign against polythene and plastic will be fully successful.

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