Meat, fish continue to be sold from unlicensed shops

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Meat, fish continue to be sold from unlicensed shops

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 | Divya Modi | Ranchi

Despite repeated efforts by the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) to ban the sale of chicken, meat and fish from unlicensed shops to ensure hygiene, the sale for the same continues to remain unabated in the city.

As per the Jharkhand Municipal Act section 310, the Government shall allot places within the municipal area for the slaughter of animals for sale. RMC, in the past, had issued notice to all the meat shops in the city stating that all the raw non-vegetarian food items to be sold has to be culled at a licensed slaughter house ensuring proper hygienic conditions. The shops were also instructed to install dark screens.

“This notice has been challenged at the Ranchi High Court by the Meat Owner’s Association and a stay order has been passed on the same. RMC has filed a counter affidavit mentioning the regulations of the

Municipal Act, which also states that the meat shops were ordered to sell hygienic meat culled at the abattoir is also valid. The case is ongoing,” said Municipal Commissioner, Manoj Kumar.


Meanwhile customers who continue to flock these shops feel that the installation of tinted screens would result in compromising about the quality of the product. “I prefer to choose the chicken or fish I buy myself. I ensure that the chicken is cleaned and dressed in front of me as by getting it done behind a screen, I would not be sure about its hygiene and quality,” said Jitendra Kumar, a resident of Dhurwa.

For another buyer, buying chicken or mutton from a clean shop is of top priority. “I am not aware of any licensed shops. I have a fixed shop where I generally go for meat or chicken shopping. I get chicken and fish cut in front while mutton is chopped behind the screen,” remarked Akash Singh another resident of city.

The abattoir constructed by the State Government on the outskirts of city is a state of the art facility with a capacity of slaughtering about 3,000 animals on a daily basis.

“The slaughter house is also defunct at the moment as the case is ongoing in the court.

The Government has invested approximately five lakh crore rupees in the construction. As many as five model shops across the city were opened for selling slaughtered meat brought from the abattoir,” the municipal commissioner informed.

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