Misrod police nabs liquor smuggler

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Misrod police nabs liquor smuggler

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Misrod police has nabbed one person from 11 mile area and seized 35 boxes of liquor worth Rs 1.22 lakh carried illegally in a van late in the night on Monday.

Acting on a tip off, a car, bearing registration number MP04GA 9560, was traced and   one person was nabbed from the van while the other two sitting in the back managed to escape from the spot and when it was searched, 35 boxes of liquor were recovered. 

The accused was identified as Rajkumar Rathore of Karond.

Police said the accused revealed that he was scheduled to transport liquor to Narsinghgarh and it belonged to Sardar Singh alias Jaswant who escaped from the spot along with one of his accomplices.

After the preliminary investigation, the police have registered a case under section 34(2) of the excise Act.

The search for the absconding accused has been started, said police.

Network of illegally traded liquor would be unearthed in the further investigation. The schedule of the delivery in Narsinghgarh and the crime record of the three accused would be investigated.

Source from where the liquor was procured and loaded to be delivered are yet to the determined.

The CCTV cameras would be scanned to determine whether the van had been used  in the past in nearby areas and in the State Capital.

Police are yet to reveal the details of the seized van.