No more delivery of happiness in homes

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No more delivery of happiness in homes

Friday, 12 July 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

Official apathy has resulted in hampering of ‘Khushiyon Ki Savari’ (KKS) scheme started to bring home the new born babies and mothers after institutional deliveries. As the fleet of the ambulances of KKS is remaining stationed, its vehicles have started rusting. The tyres of most of the vehicles have got deflated and in absence of proper maintenance and necessary safety, the neglected fleet is fast converting into a junkyard. The health department has so far earmarked 24 ambulances which have become completely non operational. These vehicles would now be auctioned by the department. 

The wheels of the KKS, came to a grinding halt in April this year after the contract of the state government to operate the fleets of 108 ambulances and KKS with the GVK -EMRI came to an end. In the new contract, the government entered with Community Action and Management Programme (CAMP) only the task of operating 108 ambulances was handed over to CAMP. For KKS it was decided that their operation would be ensured by the Chief Medical Officers (CMO) of respective districts. It was also decided that an amount of Rs 450 per case would be provided for KKS. However none of the 13 CMO offices in the state was able to operate the service. The CMOs were not able to recruit drivers for these ambulances for almost three months or find contractors for the fleet. It took almost three months for the state administration to act and it was decided that after failure of the CMOs, new tenders would be floated for  the operation of fleet of KKS . The new company is expected to take over the operation of KKS fleet early next month. Till then this important service would remain halted and the family members of the new born children and their mothers are forced to carry them in private vehicles.

The mission director of the National Health Mission (NHM), Yugal Kishore Pant said that tenders have been invited for selection of a company for operation of the fleet of KKS. He said that outdated vehicles of the fleet would be auctioned.

The scheme- KKS was launched with much fanfare in the year 2011 by the state government to carry new born and their mothers home from the hospital. The scheme was an instant hit. In early days the rented vehicles were used to transport babies and mothers home from hospitals. In the year 2013 the state government purchased ambulances for the scheme and the task was handed over to the GVK- EMRI which was operating the fleet of 108 emergency ambulances. Gradually the number off vehicles increased in the service and KKS had 95 ambulances in its fleet.

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