Onion’s highest price of season worries people

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Onion’s highest price of season worries people

Friday, 08 November 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The onion is fast moving out of the kitchen in past couple of weeks. The price of onion in the city vegetable markets has shot up to Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kg, the highest in the season.

Daulat Singh, a retailer in the city told that the prices have jumped probably due to shortage of stock. On Thursday, the wholesale market had the price of Rs 2,800 per 40 kg. “There is no rule for selling the price in retail. The retailers may charge anything from Rs 80 to Rs 100,” he added.

With the rate being Rs 80 per kg in vegetable markets, street vendors have hiked it to Rs 100 per kg. Mukesh, a vendor at Shivaji Nagar said, “The high price has started having an impact on the demand. We witnessed less demand on Tuesday.”

The onion price in the city vegetable markets shot up to Rs 80 per kg on Tuesday, the highest ever this year. The rates have been on an upswing since August 26.

It is upsetting our kitchen budget’.

Apparently, the onion prices have increased in last few years in Madhya Pradesh and year 2018 had seen this staple commodity selling in wholesale markets for as low as 50 paise per kg.

However, in sharp contrast to this, onion prices remained high this year with the commodity selling for Rs 25 to 50 in last few months. Meanwhile in the last few days, onion prices as other vegetables, have surged sharply presently selling at Rs 80 to 90 a kg in retail outlets in state capital Bhopal. The prices are also high in other cities as well.

Excessive rains this year have destroyed the onion crop both in MP and Maharashtra, another prominent supplier of the commodity, which is the reason the short supply has pushed prices higher, said Lakhan, a wholeseller at local Navbahar Mandi.

The seller claimed that the onion was selling at Rs 70 per kg in wholesale market on Thursday and added that situation would be the same unless supplies improve drastically in near future.

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