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Open garbage transfer station generates civic woes

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Open garbage transfer station generates civic woes

Thursday, 12 September 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Amidst the various steps that are being taken by Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) to make Dehradun a cleaner place, the garbage transfer station along Haridwar bypass road near Kargi Chowk has become a major sore in the scenario. The commuters and local residents have been complaining about the foul smell and increased number of insects, but the work for a closed compartment area for transfer of garbage is yet to be started. The company project manager has assured that the construction work will be completed in the next two months.

Ramky company project manager in Dehradun, Mohit Dwivedi said, “The boundary at that transfer station has already been made and the portable compactors that will be used to compact the garbage and transfer it to closed container have also reached here. A bore-well for cleaning the floor has also been made there.”

He added, “There were two high-tension power lines that are passing above the land on which we have to construct, because of which we had to reduce the height. Now that the drawing has been completed, the construction of the floor and shade will be started latest by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.”

About the area and cost he said, “The area on which we are constructing the new transfer station is spread across nearly 2,000 square metres. The construction will cost about Rs 1.5 crore”

One of the commuters Shubham Baluni said, “It is impossible to pass by that area and not cover your nose. Even after verbally complaining to the local representatives and the officials in MCD, there has been no concrete action. About more than a month ago a bhumi pujan was organised here to make a new garbage transfer station. That time the mayor promised to get rid of this roadside open garbage transfer station, but there has been no improvement until now. That place where they were supposed to construct a covered garbage transfer station is being used as a parking slot.”

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