Our take on religion stomachaches many: CM

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Our take on religion stomachaches many: CM

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Without naming BJP, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath here on Tuesday said that some claim exclusive rights over sadhu-sants and feel stomachache whenever we talk about religion.

While addressing a gathering of seers named 'Sant Samagam' here on Tuesday, Nath took swipe on the BJP saying those having exclusive contract of Sadhu-Sants during elections must be feeling pain inside stomachs.

They felt the same pain when I had built Hanuman temple in Chhindwara. These people are painned when we go to the temples and meet seers, Nath claimed, adding that when the government can offer land to industries then why not it can offer land to seers. We have no issues in giving saints land rights. Nath promised seers that he would consider this proposal.

The Chief Minister further said that in 8 months of governance, we have showed our policies and intent. We don't believe in publicity as I think that it is government’s duty to serve the public, he said.

Underlining the importance of Sanatan Dharma, Nath claim that spiritual power is the identity of the country.

Issuing a warning to the BJP, the chief minister announced that the scams took place on the pretext of river Narmada and religion would be probed into. To add Congress Party ahead of assembly polls had announce to enquire into illegal mining in Narmada riverbed and Shivraj claim of planting 1 crore saplings in a single day.

Led by computer Baba, the chairman of the Nadi Nyas, Sant Samagam was organised in Bhopal on Tuesday in attendance of around 1000 seers including several religious heads from various parts of the country.

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