Political procession created traffic woes on Thursday

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Political procession created traffic woes on Thursday

Friday, 08 November 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

A political procession on Thursday via Clock Tower and Astley Hall generated major traffic woes for the general public. The only relief was that the procession did not happen during peak hours. Even after that the dancing supporters and crackers bursting in the middle of the road became problematic for commuters going through the area. In fact an ambulance too was seen making stuck in traffic at Buddha Chowk due to the procession.

Even with required police force present at the spot, the political procession by BJP resulted in chaotic traffic situation near Clock Tower at 4 PM on Thursday. While the commuters were waiting for congestion to clear, party supporters kept bursting crackers in the middle of the road at Astley Hall. The comparatively less number of vehicles during the time help in keeping the traffic situation under control, but the cumulative effect of the procession could be seen in the long queue of vehicles standing stationary from Astley Hall to Clock Tower.

One of the commuters stuck at traffic near Dhara Chowki said that such procession shows the real difference between commoners and ‘VIPs’.

If the same was being done by some common man, stopping traffic in such a way he or she would have been subjected to legal actions, but for politicians, the rules seem to be different.

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