Rahul: Modi always ducks questions on real issues

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Rahul: Modi always ducks questions on real issues

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 | PNS | Ujjain

During the last leg of 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Ujjain accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of talking these days on mangoes, kurtas and clouds but not on real issues including farmers, unemployment and corruption.

A day after party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi toured the Malwa-Nimad region which goes to polls on May 19, in the last phase on 2019 elections, the Congress president addressed election rallies in Neemuch, Ujjain and Khandwa on Tuesday.

These days the Prime Minister in interviews says how he climbed on trees and used to eat mangoes, said Gandhi accusing him of ducking real issues including his promises on jobs, black money and farmers, he added.

The PM says how he cut the sleeve of his kurta, added the Congress president who claimed the prime minister recently revealed how he sat with the Air Force generals during Balakot airstrike telling them how the Indian planes could dodge the Pakistan radars as it was cloudy that day.

“I wish to know from the PM how eating mangoes, cutting Kurta sleeves and all this was linked to the problems of the public,” said Gandhi asking why he doesn’t speak on issues such as corruption, black money, right prices to farmers, jobs and so on.

“He speaks on mangoes, kurta and clouds but not on issues the country wants him to listen on,” taunted the Congress president who claimed PM Modi nowadays reads out pre edited content during media interviews these days.

Accusing the prime minister of talking bad of his family including his father, mother, grandmother and great grandfather, Gandhi claimed he hasn’t spoken bad about PM Modi’s parents once and would never do so in future. “I will prefer dying instead of saying bad things about his father and mother as I am not an RSS/ BJP man, I am a Congress man.”

He also targeted the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan flashing some papers, claiming the Congress government has also waived off farm loans of Chouhan’s family and he (Chouhan) roams around in Madhya Pradesh alleging state government did not write off farm loans.

He also made out Chief Minister Kamal Nath to read out the papers and name the kin of Chouhan who were benefitted by the loan waiver. Nath claimed total 94 farmers from village Jait, birthplace of Chouhan, have been benefitted farm loan waiver. Not only Chouhan’s kin, thousands of BJP workers from our farm loan waiver scheme, claimed Gandhi saying, “If PM Modi has 56-inches chest, the Congress has 56-inches heart.”

He also claimed how Nyay scheme would kickstart the economy.

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