Security upped in Bhopal ahead of festival of lights

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Security upped in Bhopal ahead of festival of lights

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

To maintain law and order in the State capital during the festivals 5513 police personnel and officials have been deployed across the State capital at checking points.

For making proper arrangement of security state capital has been divided into eight parts for security. Outer security system would be vigil by Khajuri, Misrod, Ratibad, Parwalia, Sukhisewania, Bilkhiria, Kolar and Berasia police stations where 414 personnel and officers are deployed.

For maintaining the internal security 17 check points have been established at squares which are entry and exit points, the square are Chanchal at Bairgarh, Asharam trisection, Eitkhedi Bypass, Karond, Bhanpur, Chopda bypass,  Ayodhyanagar, Kokta Bypass, Katara bypass, Bagsewania, Gulmohar, Kolar river, Chunbhatti, Bhadbhada square, Kaliyasot, depot, Kalisot and for these point 689 policemen would be deployed.

Among other parts 124 permanent points have been installed. Thus, the total strength of the state capital’s pickets system is 2604.

The important and sensitive 13 locations Peergate, Itwara, Budhwara, Bhopal, Talkies, Nadra Bus Stand, DIG Bungalow square, Polytechnic square, Lily Talkies, Jhinsi, Prabhat Petrol Pump, Board Office, Roshanpura, Qazi Camp has been set up which would be vigil by 523 policemen.

Continuous patrolling will be done at 93 places of the state capital. A total of 810 policemen would deliver this duty. At 4 Railway stations Bhopal, Habibganj, Misrod and Bairagarh and 3 bus stands in state capital 165 policemen would be deployed.

In view of the security of law and order 4 police arrest parties comprising 200 policemen are made which would be stationed at  Board Office square,  Roshanpura, Peergate and Nadra Bus Stand.   

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