Sharavan brings liquor sales down by 30%

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Sharavan brings liquor sales down by 30%

Wednesday, 14 August 2019 | PNS | Lucknow

With Bacchus lovers abstaining from liquor during Shravan month, the Excise department saw 30 per cent dip in revenue between July 15 and August 13.

“The department witnessed around 30 per cent fall in liquor sale during the said time period. Luckily, the coming days are considered to be a good season for the department and we hope that the loss in revenue would be compensated,” an Excised department official said. 

As per dossiers, 19.4 lakh litres of desi liquor, 11.778 lakh litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and 34.49 lakh beer cans were sold in July.

“In the first half of July, the sale was good but it dipped since July 15. On all four Mondays between July 15 and August 13, the figures were low as compared to that on other days,” he said.

The official said it was a regular feature that the Excise department faced every Shravan. “But the liquor sale was higher this year in Shravan as compared to last year. The number of young liquor consumers has increased this year and that was why liquor sale did not dip drastically,” he said.

“Four-five years ago, the fall in liquor sale during this period was recorded around 40 percent,” he said.

General secretary of Lucknow Liquor Association KL Maurya said: “Liquor sale remains adversely affected during Shravan every year and causes considerable loss,” he said.  

District excise officer Janardan Yadav admitted that the sale of liquor witnessed a low during this period. “But this is a permanent feature which the Excise department has been facing every year. We expect the revenue to soar in the coming days,” he said.

Yadav said that the Excise department would purchase an additional 30 to 35 per cent liquor to meet the increasing demand on August 14 onwards. “Consumer rush at model shops and desi liquor shops is likely to shoot up after Shravan comes to an end on August 14. We are making arrangements to meet the demand. We hope the losses will be compensated,” the district excise officer said.

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