Sisters throw baby brother in canal

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Sisters throw baby brother in canal

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

The case of a one and a half year old boy missing took a shocking turn on Monday when the police revealed that the infant had been killed by none other than his elder sister and her cousin.

The boy’s sister was upset because she had to tend to her little brother. Addressing the media, the Haridwar senior superintendent of police Senthil Avoodai Krishnaraj S said that on November 29, Sonu Kumar had lodged a complaint at Jwalapur police station about his son Purab having gone missing.

He had stated that he suspected his brother to behind the disappearance of his son.

Considering the seriousness of the cae, the Haridwar SSP ordered filing of an FIR and directed that an investigation be started without delay to trace the missing toddler.

The SSP informed the media that on checking the footage of the CCTV camera about 200 metres away from Kumar’s home, his daughter and her cousing were seen carrying a bag early in the morning. 

His 14 year old daughter and her 13 year old cousin were seen in the CCTV footage carrying a white bag at about 5 AM. They were seen returning towards their home at 5:20 AM without the bag.

When the girls were questioned about this the toddler’s sister said that she was tired of tending to her younger brother.

Her mother had not been in good health recently, due to which the toddler had to be tended to by his elder sister.

Upset due to this, she hatched a plan with her cousin to get rid of the boy. She allegedly mixed sleeping pills in the baby’s milk on the night of November 28. On the next morning, she along with her cousing took the baby and threw him in the Upper Ganga Canal.

They further said that they got this idea from a case which had taken place about a month ago in which a mother irritated by her child asking for milk, had thrown him in the Ganga Canal in the Kankhal area.

 The SSP further said that the two girls will be presented in the juvenile court.

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