South, North corporations hold awareness programme

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South, North corporations hold awareness programme

Friday, 26 April 2019 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

To mark the ‘World Malaria Day’, South and North Delhi Municipal Corporation on Thursday organised a public awareness programme to create awareness about the disease and ensure people’s participation in preventing it.

The South Zone of South Corporation organised an awareness programme in collaboration with School of Science (IGNOU) while North Corporation organised a public awareness rally.

Additional Commissioner (Health) in North Corporation Jairaj Naik said the corporation is making every effort keeping the national goal in mind to make Delhi mosquito and malaria free.

Naik added preventing breeding of mosquitoes is the best remedy. “We have already introduced eco-friendly methods like Gambusia fish, and mosquito free coolers to tackle this menace. Also, to achieve the target, intersectoral co-ordination meetings have been conducted time to time to execute the plan and to ensure better co-ordination of different organisations to check breeding points during the pre-monsoon season itself.

District Health Officer of City Zone (North Corporation) Dr Pramod Verma said the zonal officials along with Dengue Breeding Checkers (DBCs) have been visiting door to door to aware people to prevent breeding. “They are also being motivated to adopt biological methods to contain the disease,” he said. 

Residents are also being informed about the measures such as to avoid water stagnation to prevent breeding of mosquitoes, fill up all small water stagnation points around the house and locality, keep unscreened doors and windows closed, and use mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites.

Entomologists of North civic body Dr Jasveen Duggal, Babita and other official were also attended the rally.

Malaria is caused by the bite of Anopheles mosquito, which breeds in stagnant water in peridomestic areas. Warm temperature, humid conditions, and high rainfall are favorable conditions for propagation of mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, addressing participants, Dr NR Tuli, Deputy Health Officer of South Zone raised the issue of taking necessary preventive measures at work place and need for behavior change of community members. “They must check in and around their house that there is no water stagnation and ensure over head tanks are covered with lid and water in desert coolers is changed every week and use protective clothes to prevent mosquito bite,” he said.

World Malaria Day is observed globally on April 25 to raise awareness on Malaria, treatment and its prevention. The day highlights the need for better political, Administrative will and intervention in malaria control and prevention. World Malaria Day gives people the chance to learn the efforts made to prevent Malaria.

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