Spl drive to clear encroachment on Gurdwara Road from today’

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Spl drive to clear encroachment on Gurdwara Road from today’

Monday, 18 November 2019 | Staff Reporter | Gurugram

A special drive to remove encroachment on Gurdwara Road will be carried out by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and other agencies from Monday.

The MCG had asked the encroachers to voluntarily remove themselves by Sunday, failing which the administration will initiate action against the violators. Gurdwara road has been beset with unauthorised parking and encroachments and that was impeding the flow of traffic.

“From Monday, a special campaign will be launched to remove encroachment and also legal action will be taken against those who do not remove the encroachment” said Amit Khatri, Commissioner MCG. The drive will be carried out between10 am to 4 pm. MCG officials said the intensive drive will continue for the next few days, Khatri said.

MCG officials said that the drive is being conducted after a surfeit of complaints were  received from the commuters and the general public as well.

They have been  complaining  about vendors and shops encroaching on public spaces, causing inconvenience and delay.

Khatri further said that the movement of vehicles is very high on Gurdwara Road and there are traffic jams on both sides of the road due to the encroachment.

To deal with this situation, it has been decided to make this road encroachment-free and preparations have been started in this direction.

“Illegal parking and encroachment will not be allowed on one of the busiest roads in the city, causing traffic jams and other problems that caused inconvenience to motorists, while encroachment by vendors created problems for pedestrians,” Khatri said.

During the drive the whole operation was covered on video so that the footage can be used as evidence against repeat offenders.

The drive will be carried out under the supervision of joint commissioner Gaurav Antil and Executive Engineer Amit Sandilya.

“Due to encroachment on the roads and pavements, drivers and pedestrians have to face a lot of trouble. Apart from this, pedestrians have to forcefully walk on the road due to the street-tracks on the edges of the roads, which also poses the risk of accidents,” the MCG Commissioner, said adding that we warned all the street vendors on Gurdwara Road to go to alternate places by Sunday.

In addition, shopkeepers who encroach by keeping goods outside their shops, stop doing so.

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