Stray dog kills 7-yr-old child in Gwalior

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Stray dog kills 7-yr-old child in Gwalior

Friday, 31 May 2019 | PNS | Gwalior

Residents of the Morar area of the city were in a shock on Tuesday morning when a stray dog went on a biting spree killing a seven-year-old child. Officials of the Morar Police Station said that many stray dogs have been roaming in the area for a long time and that despite many reminders to the Municipal Corporation no action has so far been taken.

Several children and pedestrians had been attacked and bitten by stray dogs in many areas but this is the first time a child had been fatally mauled by a dog.

Despite assurance by the Municipal Corporation that they have been conducting regular drives to catch stray dogs the residents complain that even though scores of stray dogs are on the prowl in the city the authorities seem unmoved and have failed to check the menace.

They added that the tragic event on Tuesday was the consequence of the lethargic attitude of the Civic Body towards such a serious issue. It is clear that the stray dog population and the terror these animals have been unleashing have already triggered fear psychosis among the citizens.

The grounds and the streets where children have been playing are wearing a deserted look for the past couple of days.

Speaking to the media persons, Satpal Singh Chauhan, the Anti- encroachment Officer of the Corporation said that various squads have been formed to catch the stray dogs in the city.

While admitting that the over population of these dogs is a matter of concern, he assured that very soon the city will be freed from this menace. He added that more than two dozen dogs were captured today itself and promised that the drive will continue till the city is free of stray dogs.

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