Tiwari blames Govt for violating right to privacy

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Tiwari blames Govt for violating right to privacy

Friday, 11 January 2019 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Bharatiya Janta Party president Manoj Tiwari blamed Aam Aadmi Party led Delhi Government for allegedly violating right to privacy by collecting private information of children parents’ studying in Government run schools.

Addressing media persons , Tiwari said that the Delhi Election Commission had issued notice to Delhi government for violating its orders for refraining from collecting private information like EPIC number, mobile number, name, address etc of parents of children parents’ studying in Delhi Government schools.

Tiwari pointed out that Kejriwal had alleged that Election Commission (EC) had deleted 30 lakhs names from the voter list but on the contrary the EC in its statement said that 1.5 lakh new voters have been added.

 “The circular issued by the EC is related to the phone calls being made to the people.

They don’t have the right to collect the data which they have collected. This has been done only to harass the people,” he said.

 Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition, Vijender Gupta said that the Directorate of Education under Delhi Government had issued a Circular on 11 September 2018 for collecting private information of the parents and this work was to be done by Private Agency.

“It is violation of right to privacy and BJP had also expressed its apprehensions of misuse of the data so collected. The Election Commission had directed Delhi government to refrain from collecting such information,” said Gupta.

Gupta said that Deputy Chief Minister in his reply to Election Commission had used very objectionable language and had said that how the commission could stop us from doing so.

Gupta also said that AAP Government is openly violating the orders of EC. Although the EC has refrained Delhi Government from collecting data about the parents yet Delhi Government is collecting such information and misusing it for making false phone calls and openly violating the orders of EC.

Gupta said that we demand that election symbols of the AAP should be freezed and the recognition of the party we cancelled for collecting personal information for harassing the people.

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