Trains cancellations become problematic for vendors, transport unions

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Trains cancellations become problematic for vendors, transport unions

Friday, 08 November 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

Trains to and from Dehradun railway station are proposed to be inoperational for three months from November 10. The block for this time period has been approved by the authorities, as the yard remodelling work of the Dehradun Railways and restoration of station premises needs to be conducted.

Meanwhile, the vendors who have shops inside the Railways station have started raising concern about them not having any other option for earning money. The Auto-Taxi Unions, who have a stand outside the Railway Station, are also yet uncertain about their plans for the next three months.

The union members said that it is the responsibility of railway department to provide them some alternate space for the time being.

They also said that even though passengers from Railway station won’t come, but as the Mussoorie Bus Stand is nearby they will have enough customer base.

The vendors at railway station said that they are already in turmoil about what they are going to do for the next three months.

Employment is a must and majority of them do not know any other thing than operating the shop at railway station.

Dehradun railway station director Dinesh Chandra said, “The auto-taxi unions already have pending payment that they need to submit till November 9. For every taxi they have to pay Rs 2,030. The railways will only think about giving them the space after remodelling work if they submit pending payment on time. Meanwhile, there will be no passenger movement from our station, why would we provide any space?

For the vendors, they also have been issued letters that their licence fees will not be taken for the next three months. After that they can resume their shops. We do not have any other possible alternative for them; they will have to find any other employment for the time being.”

It is pertinent to mention here that, train number 14318, Dehradun to Indore Express will not come on Friday. Train number 14113 Uttar Pradesh Allahbad to Dehradun will be short terminated to Aligarh Station on Friday.

Train number 14120 Dehradun to Kathgodam will be cancelled on Friday. On Saturday, train number 14318 Dehradun to Indore Express will be cancelled.

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