Villagers urge to take preventive measures from water-borne diseases

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Villagers urge to take preventive measures from water-borne diseases

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 | Staff Reporter | RAIPUR

With the onset of monsoon season, the chances of water borne diseases have increased manifold, keeping this in view, district collectors have urged the respective residents to maintain cleanliness and to remain alert to prevent themselves from the contagious diseases.

The collector in an appeal to people asked them to maintain quality of drinking water. The collectors have also given instruction to Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), mitanin, kotwar and health department ground staff that in case of gastro-enteritis reported from any village, immediately the information should be passed on to the block and district level officers.

The directive stated that villagers should not use water directly from the river, pond, rivulet and natural drains.  The drinking water should be kept covered and for drawing water from utensils use a spoon like structure instead of open hands.

Public health engineering department has been directed to disinfect the handpumps and also ensure that pure water is drawn. The villagers should also take pro-active role in intimation in case muddy water is generated from the handpumps so the PHE department can taken necessary repairs at the earliest. The villagers have also been urged to keep the surroundings of hand-pump clean. The waste water should be allowed to drain from the area through adequate arrangement. Collector advised that villagers thus adopting preventive measures can be safe from malaria, typhoid, jaundice and other seasonal diseases.

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