Woman donates her hair for cancer patient

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Woman donates her hair for cancer patient

Thursday, 16 May 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

Hair is an important part of ones appearance and when one loses them due to an ailment or medication, it is painful. Women especially have fondness for their lustrous hair but some also think of donating them for other women who have lost hair. Resident of Ramnagar area of Roorkee, Sonam Bhateja did so when she cut 13 inches of her tresses and sent these to a Mumbai-based organisation which makes wigs for cancer patients free of cost.

For cancer patients, hair loss is a stressful and at times traumatic side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Especially among women patients, such hair loss adds to the woes of patients who are already enduring physical and emotional hardships. Losing hair is like losing their identity for many of the patients. This pain was realised by a housewife from Roorkee.

In a conversation with this correspondent, the hair donor Sonam Bhateja said, “I read an article on cancer patients where it was written that we can donate our hair for making wigs for cancer patients. That kindled in me the spirit to donate. I collected the information how to donate and sent to Madat Trust. I loved my long hair touching my waist but this feeling of helping someone regain the beautiful looks is all the more satisfying.”

Never having allowed scissors on her hair during childhood due to a fancy for long hair, Sonam had empathy for cancer patients. Exploring more about the Mumbai based social organisation she read carefully the instructions and made correspondence with them through email.

This organisation, ‘Cope with Cancer’, inspired people to donate their healthy hair for the cause. “I washed my hair as usual, went to the nearby salon and followed the instructions of tying into a plait with rubber bands at both the ends before cutting.  I then packed the 13 inches long hair plait in a plastic bag and sent it to Mumbai. Now my hair are just shoulder length. I also received one e-certificate of appreciation.” Hair collected from at least six persons is used to  make one wig, she added.

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